Blog from February, 2019

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019, we upgraded to the latest version of Confluence. We also improved the server resources for better performance.

New Features

  • Collaborative editing
    Not just synchronous editing, but autosaving everyone's draft edits. You can even choose to close and save draft edits without publishing them, so you can resume team editing later. Publish only when you want to!
  • Bulk page hierarchy copy/moves
    Grab an entire page hierarchy and create a copy of it somewhere else. This will help authors consolidate content or even use a current hierarchy as a template for a new one.
  • No more documentation theme
    Atlassian has incorporated a lot of the documentation theme features into the default theme, so they've consolidated. Any space that had switched to the Documentation theme is automatically switched back to the improved Default theme.
  • Expanded search scope and filtering capabilities
    The previous quick navigation feature restricted your search to titles, displaying a limited set of results based on the name of the page, file, space or user. Confluence now performs a full search of your site content, so you're more likely to find a match first go. We've also added interactive search filters, so you can easily narrow down your results in a few clicks.
  • Improved editor experience
    Atlassian has made a huge number of improvements, including solving common frustrations relating to table cells, bullet points, and cursor behaviour, especially when copying and pasting content. The look of the editor hasn't changed, the improvements are all under the hood.