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We will be moving to Confluence 7 soon. This upgrade primarily brings "under-the-hood" improvements to performance, but I wanted to point out a few of the new features being released.

New Features

Atlassian Companion

With a new desktop application—Atlassian Companion—you can edit any file attached to a Confluence page using your preferred desktop application (such as Microsoft Word), then when you're ready, upload the file back to Confluence. You can edit Office documents, Photoshop files, Keynote presentations — any attached file with a compatible application installed on your computer.

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People who can view

Confluence is open by default, but due to the layers of space permissions and page restrictions that can be applied, it isn't always obvious who can actually see your page. Use the People who can view feature to know whether a user has adequate permissions to see a page before you share it with them.

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Inspect permissions

Space administrators will also now be able to look up a user, and find out exactly why they do, or don't, have permission to do something. You can even query a specific page, to bring in page restriction information. After the upgrade, go to to Space Tools > Permissions > Inspect permissions to check it out. 

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