Unlike your computer or mobile device, certain devices such as smart televisions, game consoles, and streaming appliances (AppleTV, Roku, etc.) may not support the 802.1x network authentication used on the UALR-WiFi network and certain wired public network ports. These devices may instead be registered prior to joining the network in order to join either the UALR-IoT wireless network or connect to a wired public port.

Device Registration Siteaccess.ualr.edu

Step-by-step guide

Follow these instructions to register your smart devices or appliances on the campus network.

  1. On a computer already connected to the campus network, visit the network device registration site and log in. A list of previously registered devices (if any) will appear on the Manage Devices page.

    The wireless device registration log-in screen accepts your NetID and password.

  2. Select Add new device. A device registration form will appear.
  3. Enter the MAC Address and Description for your personal device, and check the box labeled "I am the sponsor of this account and accept the Terms of Use."  Select Create to register the device.
  4. After selecting Create, you will see a confirmation page that the device has been created.
    An example confirmation for the new device.


Once your device is registered, you may now either join the device to the UALR-IoT wireless network or connect it directly to a public wired port.

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