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  1. Swipe down from the top to see your WiFi icon.

  2. Select and hold the WiFi icon.
  3. Select the UALR-WiFi connection.  If WiFi is off, turn it on, then select UALR-WiFi.  You may need to accept a certificate to proceed.  Accept the certificate if it is presented.

  4. Enter the following information: 

    EAP method: PEAP

    Phase 2 Authentication: None

    CA certificate: Select "Use Certificate" (Unspecified)

    Domain Name

    Identity: Your NetID

    Password: Your Password

    Then select CONNECT

  5. You should now be connected to the UALR-WiFi network
  6. NOTE:If you change your NetID password and can no longer access the wireless network using the UALR-WiFi network, do the following:

    1. Go to Network Settings and Remove the UALR-WiFi network by pressing and holding the UALR-WiFi network ion.  A menu will appear.  Select Forget Network

    2. Setup the UALR-WiFi connection again using the instructions in this document.


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